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You Deserve This

Sol Spa offers a peaceful and artful space ideal for relaxation and renewal staffed by certified and licensed bodyworkers. Sol Spa offers three treatment rooms, a pedicure area, shower facility, and spacious lounge. Individuals, couples, or groups are all welcome. The spa can be rented out for bridal parties, birthdays, or other events, with food and drinks provided by on-site restaurant Red Ginger. 

Carrie Tengler Stuart, owner of Sol Spa, has been in the spa industry since 1999 and practicing in Belize since 2002. Carrie and her talented team of bodyworkers and estheticians work hard to create the premier spa experience available on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Sol Spa offers a variety of bodywork and body treatments featuring ingredients indigenous to Belize and products that are innovative, organic, fresh, and conscious of the environment.

All Sol Spa prices are in U.S. dollars + 12.5% General Sales Tax.


Each massage occurs in a private air conditioned treatment room with soothing music playing in the background. Sol Spa uses local, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil with essential oils during its treatments, and after your massage your whole body will be cleansed with a hot towel. An in spa private shower is also available post-treatment.


Something for every body. Medium pressure, long flowing strokes. Perfect for someone new to massage or wants to simply relax.
60 min/$95 or 90 min/$125


I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Focused massage on particular muscle groups. Long flowing strokes combined with detailed deeper work for areas in need.
60 min/$100 or 90 min/$135

Deep Tissue

Not for the faint of heart. Slow and methodical massage to work deep into the most tense areas of your body. Recommended for those with a history of receiving bodywork.
60 min/$105 or 90 min/$140

Pregnancy Massage

Happy Mama. This treatment helps expecting mothers to take care of their body by knowing what areas to focus on and what areas to avoid during this precious time.
60 min/$100 or 90 min/$135

Maya Abdominal Treatment

Consultation & Massage. Sol Spa utilizes the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage which are centered around ancient Maya techniques to reposition organs that have dropped and restricted the flow of blood, lymph, nerve, and chi energy. Provides digestive, emotional, & physical benefits both women and men.
90 min/$130

Couples Massage

All body work is available for couples in Sol Spa at the same time in separate treatment rooms, in suite, or on your private veranda.
Prices vary depending on massages chosen.


Energy work.
60 min/$95 or add 30 min to any massage for $55


The belief in reflexology is that the entire body is mapped out on the bottom of the foot. This deep foot massage is a way to receive full body treatment through your soles.
30 min/$65 or 45 min/$95

Body Treatments

Sol Spa offers a variety of Glo body treatments that are followed by a relaxing shower that help exfoliate your skin and cleanse impurities from within your body. Each Glo is prepared especially for you, ensuring freshness and potency of the products. With each Glo you can choose salt or sugar as your granule. Salt is more detoxifying while sugar gently exfoliates sensitive skin.
All Glos are 35 min/$75 or 65 min/$105 

Lime Margarita Glo

Lime has rejuvenating qualities that will give your skin a healthy glow. Tequila has antiseptic qualities and will help detoxify skin naturally. 

Revitalizing Rosemary & Lavender Glo

The calming effects of lavender combined with the stimulating effects of rosemary make this a calming yet regenerating treatment. 

Sugar & Spice Glo

The gentle nature of sugar on the skin helps nourish and exfoliate without over-doing it on dry and sensitive skin. The three spices used are cinnamon, clove, and anise. They are all excellent for stimulating the circulatory system while helping the body eliminate toxins on a deep level.

Coconut Milk Glo

The granule in this scrub lifts off the top layer of dead skin which allows the coconut milk to sink deep into the skin, hydrating and cleansing it. 

Organic Cocoa, Coffee & Honey Glo

Smooth out the skin with this Maya influenced treatment using native organic local products. 

After Sun Treatment

Combines aloe, cucumber, coconut milk and lavender for a full body wrap. Perfect for sunburned skin. 


Treatment types available include anti-aging, blemish be gone, ultimate hydration, brighten up, sensitive skin, discolored/hyperpigmented, teens, and gents.
45 min/$85, 60 min/$100, 75 min/$120 

Hand & Nail Grooming


Anti-aging or Night on The Town, 30 min/$30
French manicure, add $5


Foot & Nail Grooming, 45 min/$50

Sol Soaks

Bathe in an air massage tub before or after your treatment combining essential oils, teas, and Epsom salts into a warm and relaxing bath.
20 min/$20


Sol Spa uses high quality wax products that help keep your skin smooth and minimize reddening. After waxing, a cooling product called quench is applied to your newly smooth skin. Sol Spa is able to wax legs, under arms, eyebrows, upper lip, bikini, full & partial Brazilian, back, full face, chin, nose, ear, chest, and arm.
Please contact Sol Spa for pricing.  

Hair Treatments

These treatments include a scalp, neck and shoulder massage and a head wrap with your hair being wrapped in a warm damp cloth to take the nutrients further into the hair shaft. The oil masks can be left on the hair for hours, but you have the choice to wash at the end of the treatment. Hot Rosemary & Lavender Hair Mask - Detangles and cleanses the scalp and hair while depositing moisture and making hair shine. Hot Coconut Oil & Lime Hair Mask - Helps cleans the scalp and nourishes hair and promotes melanin in the scalp thereby helping reverse grey hairs.
30 min/$45 


Sol Spa also offers Yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays which are complimentary to Phoenix guests. Private Yoga classes are available upon request. Please contact The Phoenix or Sol Spa for more information or to make an appointment.